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It’s still fresh in my memory while a few years ago I was offered to buy a 4K TV at an electronic store. The sales assistant enthusiastically explained that I could get a beautiful TV that able to play super high definition videos. However, he couldn’t provide a good answer when I ask how can I get 4K videos.

But it was like an ancient story now as Netflix, Disney+ even Youtube and many more channels are coming with 4K quality videos today. Once we have seen the 4K quality pictures, the lower quality videos immediately became less satisfying and look blurry to our eyes.

As for LED videotron products, the technology has come to the term of Micro LED where the pixel pitch below 1 millimeter are now available which of course still have very high price tags. The smaller pixel pitch products provide the possibility of achieving high definition screens without have a super large size. It became very easy to have a 4K screen with width less than 4 meter and height just about 2 meter.

Deciding which pixel size of LED Videotron to deploy is not as easy as buying a TV screen. We have plenty of options and many factors to consider to maximize the investment of an LED Videotron.

In this article, I will narrow down the deployment case for public display where mostly used to promote products at stores, billboards and building facades with animation or life videos. While some people said pixel pitch number is to be decided based on how close the audience can get to the screen, I would add another factor to that with the closest distance and still able to see the whole screen or at least a good portion of it.

Putting up a screen of p2.5 mm LED videotron with size of 2 by 1 meter is not the same situation with size of 10 by 5 meter at the very same wall for instance.

To enjoy the video on the smaller screen you may be standing as close as one meter away, but to see the screen of 10 by 5 meter, you need to be at least 5 meter away from the screen although you can approach to 1 meter distance. In this case, you might need 1.2 millimeter screen for the small one and 3 millimeter pixel pitch screen for the big one and yet not losing any details.

Here are some suggestions on how to decide the pixel pitch size for deploying and LED videotron in my opinion:

  1. Location and exposure time. A screen with longer exposure time will offer the chance for viewers to observe more details. More details means higher resolution whether bigger screen or smaller pixel pitch is needed.
  2. Natures of content. If the screen often displaying small objects, important details and letters, a smaller pixel pitch will be an advantage.

After all, pixel pitch size is just one factor of LED videotron that needed to be consider. An effective screen installation is based on many other things. Ability to be viewed, brightness, color accuracy and refresh rate are among the qualities need to be considered in an LED videotron deployment. 

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